Birley Fields Meadows

Common Blue Butterfly resting on Birley Fields Meadows

This photo isn’t from my balcony but taken at birley fields , which is just across the road from where I live. It shows a “common blue” butterfly resting in the wild, meadow area. It’s caterpillars feed on “birds foot trefoil” and other wildflower legumes growing there. Unfortunately, MMU have plans to build a massive campus on this site so I  guess the “common blue” won’t be quite as “common” there any more!

I suspect a lot of the bees, butterflies and other insects which visit my balcony originate from birley fields and so  if this  little “oasis of biodiversity” does gets drowned in concrete, I fear there will be far fewer of these visitors coming to my garden balcony. If you want to know more about the Save Birley Fields Campaign then just click here