Ice Plant (Sedum Spectabile)

The ice plant with its  large, waxy grey-green leaves , produces large flat clusters of small,  pinkish red flowers which are  a magnet to both bees and butterflies alike in late summer and early autumn.

This plant is a real boon for nectar loving insects, especially as most of the other garden flowers are starting to fade at this time of year. This plant is especially important for those butterflies and bees collecting essential food just before they head into hibernation for the winter.

I have two of these fantastic plants on my balcony with one of them flowering unusually early this year (from July right through to late august) though the other, larger specimen, came into flower from September and should carry through until  at least early October.

If you want to help our essential urban pollinators and haven’t got this plant already, go seek it out at your local  garden centre right now.