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Purple Toadflax

The Perennial Snapdragon (Linaria Purpurea) Notwithstanding that it has such a great name,  this “purple toadflax” is also remarkable for its ability to provide pollinating insects with a source of  nectar from late spring … Continue reading

“Basket Case” Bumblebee

This Bumblebee is feeding on birds-foot-trefoil which is growing in my  balcony’s “dustbin lid meadow” If you zoom in to the photo you can see a “pollen basket” attached to the bees leg. … Continue reading

” Careful where you sit !”

Bumblebee in Foxglove Flower I planted this foxglove in the shadier part of my  balcony, last year, just behind the chair. I hadn’t  realised quite how tall it would grow and now  have… Continue reading

Red-Tailed Bumblebee