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2013 – The year in focus

In comparison to  the relentlessly wet weather throughout 2012, the relatively drier and warmer weather during 2013  had been considerably better for the Wildlife Garden Balcony and the creatures it supports.  You may… Continue reading

The Dustbin Lid Meadow

What’s green, circular, covered in bees and “pings” if you flick it? A dustbin lid meadow of course! Wildflower Meadows are some of the best wildlife habitats we have , supporting countless bees, butterflies… Continue reading

Michaelmas Daisy (Aster)

This late flowering perennial is of great benefit to butterflies, bees and hoverflies in the late autumn – flowering at a time of year when many other sources of  nectar have come to… Continue reading

An “uncommon” visitor

This striking  species of hoverfly (Chrysotoxum festivum)  has been identified as being quite rare in the north of England – so I feel quite privileged to receive a visit from such an “uncommon”… Continue reading

Hulme’s Hovering Hoverflys

Hoverfly feeding on the flowers of my climbing hydrangea. There are over 250 known species of hoverfly in the UK alone.This is one is possibly  of the platycheirus species. Whilst most hoverflys are… Continue reading