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The Dustbin Lid Meadow

What’s green, circular, covered in bees and “pings” if you flick it? A dustbin lid meadow of course! Wildflower Meadows are some of the best wildlife habitats we have , supporting countless bees, butterflies… Continue reading

An “uncommon” visitor

This striking  species of hoverfly (Chrysotoxum festivum)  has been identified as being quite rare in the north of England – so I feel quite privileged to receive a visit from such an “uncommon”… Continue reading

Small Tortoiseshell

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly sipping nectar from my balcony’s wild flowers. I was fortunate to get a photo of this beautiful butterfly whilst having my breakfast on the balcony, the other morning. It’s caterpillars… Continue reading

Parasitoid Wasp