Update on the “wildlife garden balcony” blog


Over 10 years ago  I moved into a small one bedroom flat in inner city Manchester where I created a minuscule “wildlife garden” on my tiny , windswept balcony . Surrounded by  large numbers of sterile, un-planted balconies of the neighbouring flats , I decided to blog about my green endeavours  in the hope that it might inspire others to create similar wildlife habitats on their own balconies.  My blog was called “The Wildlife Garden Balcony” and was featured  on the BBC’s “Great British Garden Revival” (My balcony makes an appearance 27 mins and 30 secs into the episode)

At the beginning of 2018, I moved into a 2 bedroomed house which has its own tiny garden. Although I say its a “tiny”  garden, compared to my previous balcony , having 29 square meters of land to “play with” seems enormous by comparison !

However, as I no longer have a  wildlife balcony garden to blog about, I will no longer be bloging to or updating the “wildlife Balcony Blog”  – but will still retain the site in the hope that it might inspire others to create wildlife habitats on their own balconies 

The good news is that  I’m now writing a new blog  about how I am now creating a new wildlife garden in the hope that it inspires others to do the same with their own tiny gardens.

I’d love you to have a look at my new site (which is still a”work in progress”) and, hopefully, follow it too!

Its called  The Itsy-Bitsy Wildlife Garden   – “29sq Meters for Wildlife” and can be visited via this link